Tax Preparation and Planning Services

tax planning and preparation

Tax planning involves much more than filing your annual taxes on time. Every bar or restaurant needs a comprehensive tax planning strategy to maximize profits and minimize tax obligations. To make sure your business is taking advantage of all available tax breaks to reduce your tax burden, contact Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP today. We are highly experienced in providing tax services for the restaurant and food service industry.

Filing taxes in multiple states is complicated and small changes in the tax code can have a significant impact on profits if your tax accountant isn't paying attention. Our tax professionals understand how these regulations are applied to businesses in your industry and can handle all your state and federal tax reporting requirements. Whether you run a local bar, catering business, privately-owned restaurant, or a franchise with multi-state locations, we'll ensure your tax returns are always filed correctly and on time.

Contact us at 212-944-2555 and schedule an initial consultation. We'll learn all we can about your particular business and design a personalized plan to save you money on taxes.

Tax services for restaurants, bars, and franchises:

  • Preparation of federal and state income taxes
  • Strategic tax planning to minimize taxes owed
  • Payroll taxes
  • Tangible tax and non-employee compensation
  • Beverage and sales tax
  • Multi-state tax services
  • Sales tax and IRS audit representation
  • E-file