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New York City Accounting and Financial Services for the Hospitality Industry

Striking a balance between managing finances and serving customers is a challenge for any type of hospitality business. Before you fall behind on your accounting, contact Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP. As a New York City CPA firm that's experienced in working with restaurants, bars, and food service businesses, we can handle all your accounting and bookkeeping and save you money on taxes.

Remaining profitable through economic shifts and seasonal trends is easier with the support of a CPA firm that understands the restaurant industry. We offer financial reports so you can track labor and food costs with ease and keep a close eye on expenses. We’ll also find ways to tighten your internal controls and create a tax planning strategy so more profits head towards your bottom line. And we encourage all of our clients to let us take over payroll processing and accounts payable to save both time and resources.

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Meet David Cohen, CPA

Originally from Brooklyn, David's many positions in New York City range from CPA to Tax Supervisor in International Banking, to opening his own practice. More recently merging into Inemer, Cohen & Wolf LLP, David provides valuable knowledge and experience from within the hospitality industry.

An avid homebrewer since the late 80’s, David went on to found the Dancing Camel Brewery in Tel Aviv, Israel’s first microbrewery. “Seeing the microbrewery and bar industry from the inside” says David, “gave me a unique perspective on the challenges faced by restaurant and bar owners. I believe that this perspective led to the holistic approach that we take with our clients where they see us not just as tax preparers but as business advisors who truly speak their language. In this industry, taxes are of course important. But so is profitability. So is staffing. So is growth. And so is image. As a restauranteur or bar owner you’re constantly deciding how to reinvest in your business and, due to our vantage point as industry insiders, this is where we can help most.”

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